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The SEO of your website may be affected when you use Geo Targetly for redirection or to change content in your website.

Geo Redirection

Geo redirects will auto redirect your website based on visitor geolocation. At times bots such as Google's crawler can get redirected when crawling your website. Hence it is important you understand the SEO implications of using our service.

Different websites can have different results when using geo redirection, thus you may need to try it out first to see its effects.

There are good practices such as letting Google know the actual country each of websites are targeted to. This can be done in Google's search console previously known as Google Webmasters. You can specify the country your domain is targeted to. This can improve your chances of your website being crawled by the correct country Google crawler.

It may also be beneficial to use subdomains for each of your country specific pages in your website. This will allow you to submit each subdomain to Google as separate properties specifying the country each property is targeted to in Google's search console.

Geo Content, Images, DIVs

These services dynamically change your web content based on visitor geolocation. Hence a search engine crawler may or may not see this content. Some crawlers cannot process dynamic javascript content where as some can. For example in recent times, Google's crawler is able to process dynamic javascript based websites.

Depending on which country the crawlers are from, they may or may not see the content you have setup. Thus it is important to test and see how crawlers pick up your website.

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