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Enter Content Here Using Our In-built HTML Editor
Enter Content Here Using Our In-built HTML Editor

This option will allow you to use our built in HTML editor to create content.

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This option is recommended if content only needs to be displayed in one part of your website. Our Geo Content service will automatically inject the location based content where the Geo Content HTML tag is placed.

Integrating using HTML tags involves two parts:
(1) placing the code script into your website just before the closing </body> tag or footer and
(2) placing the HTML tag in the body where the content needs to appear

<!-- Your website head -->

<!-- Your website body -->

<div class='geotargetlygeocontent1532057370878'>
<!-- Geo content will render here-->

<!-- Geo content code script -->
var geotargetlycontent1532057370878 = document.createElement('script');
geotargetlycontent1532057370878.async = 1;
geotargetlycontent1532057370878.setAttribute('src', '//');


The HTML tag is basically a HTML class name. You can add this class to any HTML element in your page and our Geo Content service will find and inject the required content into that element.

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