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Add the redirect code to your website using GTM

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Each Geo Redirect service you create in our system will come with its own javascript code.

This piece of javascript code can be entered as a Custom HTML tag into Google Tag Manager.

IMPORTANT: It is critical that the redirect script is the first to process in your page. This will allow the redirect to work as fast as possible. without getting blocked by other scripts in your page.

This can be done by ensuring your Google Tag Manager tag is placed just after the opening <head> tag of your page so it is the first to process and also ensuring that the Geo Redirect custom HTML tag is set to execute first in your Google Tag Manager setup.
Our servers respond in 100 to 300 milliseconds so if the script is the first to process in your page, then the redirect will be almost instantaneous.

To ensure this is done correctly when using Google Tag Manager, you will need to place your Google Tag Manager script as far up in the header of your website. i.e. just after the opening <head> tag.

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