Location data not working

If your location data is not working, please follow these list of checks

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Incorrect Website URL
Ensure the Website URL you enter into the setup is exactly how it appears in the browser. If your website URL contains WWW in the browser then the URL you enter must contain WWW and vice versa.

Geo Location code script not installed in your website footer
You must install the provided code correctly into your website and all pages of your website that need to be redirected. The code must be in the footer, just before the closing </body> tag.

Your detected location does not match any location rules
There is a possibility that our system is not detecting you in the correct location. Please visit this link to check where our system is detecting you.

Incorrectly configured location rules
Ensure that the location rules you have entered is correctly included or excluded. Combining countries, states and cities can result in errors. Please ask us for assistance if your location rules are complex.

Your browser is not loading our script
This can occur if your browser is loading an old cached version of your website that does not contain our script. Please clear your browser cache.

Your CMS platform is caching an old version of your website
Please clear any caching plugins in your CMS to ensure it is delivering your latest website with our redirect script.

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