JavaScript-HTML Integration

Add the content to your website using standard JavaScript & HTML

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Each Geo Content service you create will come with it's own JavaScript code and HTML tag.

The provided JavaScript code needs to be placed in your website just before the closing body tag </body> or in your website footer and the HTML tag is to be placed where the geo content needs to render.

<!-- Your website head -->


<!-- Other content -->

<!-- Start Geo Content HTML Tag -->
<div class='geotargetlygeocontent1556689537225'>
<!-- Content will render here -->
<!-- End Geo Content HTML Tag -->

<!-- Other content -->

<!-- Start Geo Content JavaScript code -->
var geotargetlycontent1556689537225 = document.createElement('script');
geotargetlycontent1556689537225.async = 1;
geotargetlycontent1556689537225.setAttribute('src', '//');
<!-- End Geo Content JavaScript code -->

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