Google Tag Manager Integration

Add the content code to your website using Google Tag Manager

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Geo Content Code

Each Geo Content service you create  will come with its own JavaScript code.

This piece of JavaScript code needs to be added as a Custom HTML Tag in your Google Tag manager container.


  1. Go to your container

  2. Click Add a new tag

  3. Add a name for the tag

  4. Edit the Tag Configuration

  5. Click Custom HTML Tag

  6. Paste the code into the HTML box

  7. Add a DOM Ready trigger

  8. Save & Submit

Geo Content HTML Tag

Place the Geo Content HTML Tag directly in your website's HTML body where the content needs to appear.

<!-- Your website head -->

<!-- Your website body -->

<!-- Other content -->

<!-- Start Geo Content HTML Tag -->
<div class='geotargetlygeocontent1556689537225'>
<!-- Content will render here -->

<!-- Other content -->

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