Sometimes you may find your third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics are still showing visitors who are from locations that are meant to be redirected.

Below are several reasons why this is occurring and how to fix it.

Third party analytics script is capturing the visitor before being redirected
This normally occurs when our redirect script is not installed immediately after the opening <head> tag of your website or if our redirect script is installed below the third-party analytics script.

If the third party analytics script executes before our redirect script executes, then there is a possibility that the analytics tool has captured visitors before they have been redirected.

To solve this, ensure our redirect still is installed immediately after the opening <head> tag before any other scripts on your site.

Browsers are still loading your site without the redirect code
If you have recently installed our redirect code, there is a chance that some browsers are still loading an old cached version of your site without the redirect code. In such a case, these visitors are not being redirected.

To ensure everyone loads the latest version of your site, ensure you clear any caching tools or content delivery networks you may be using.

Third party analytics script or Geo Targetly is reading an incorrect geolocation
There is a possibility that the geolocation of the visitor detected by the third party analytics tool and Geo Targetly itself does not match. This possibility is quite low for country detection, however it increases for state and city detection.

There is not much that can be done in such a case and you may have to wait until the third party analytics tool's IP database and our IP database is updated.

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