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Redirection & SEO

Learn how to keep SEO intact when using Geo Redirection

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HREFLANG tags tell search crawlers which country or language a page in your site is targeted to. Please read our HREFLANG guide here and make sure of our HREFLANG tag generator if required.

Maintain bi-directional redirection

In order for search crawlers to understand the purpose of redirection, it is important to redirect all your sites to each other based on the visitors location. This will ensure crawlers from different locations are sent to the correct site.

If you are redirecting to for anyone in Europe, then you must also redirect to for anyone outside Europe.

You can make use of multiple Geo Redirect services, each to handle a particular domain. There are no limits on the number of Geo Redirect services you can create in Geo Targetly.

Make use of Google Search Console Locale Targeting

Google Search Console allows you to specify each domain as a separate property. Each property can also have a 'locale' or country it is targeted to.

Ensure you set this country for each of your domains if the domains are not targeted to all international visitors.

Use popup permission based redirection

If you are using auto redirection and are still having SEO issues, then the best option is to use our inbuilt permission popups / announcement bars. 

In the first step of your redirect setup, enable the permission popup option to design your popup. You can also set a countdown timer to auto redirect after it expires.

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