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Visitors accessing from a blocked location
Visitors accessing from a blocked location

A visitor can still use a VPN or disable JavaScript to access your site

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The Geo Block product is not to be used as a 100% blocking system for visitors from particular locations.
If someone really want's to access your site, they can. Hence it should only be used for blocking majority of the general public.

How can visitors from a blocked location access your site?

Using a VPN

A VPN is service that let's your browse the internet from a selected location around the world. There are plenty of VPN services available for anyone to use and to access the internet from a country or location of their choice.

It is easily possible for a visitor to use a VPN to access your site from a location not on your blocked list.
We don't have a way to detect VPN connections at the moment.

Disabling JavaScript or using a tracking script blocker on our product

Our Geo Block product utilizes JavaScript in the visitor's browser to detect their location and block them.

It is possible to disable JavaScript in a browsers settings, though disabling it will break most modern websites as they rely heavily on JavaScript. Nevertheless they can still gain access to your site content.

It is also possible to download browser plugins or software that can block a particular script from executing on your site. Hence it is possible a visitor can stop our Geo Block from executing, thus gaining access to your site.

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