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Using CloudFlare to map custom domains to Geo Links

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We recommend using Cloudflare as a DNS provider for your custom domain. Not only do they provide a free domain SSL certificate, it is also easy to create DNS records.


1. Click on your domain to open up it's settings
2. Click on Page Rules to open the Page Rules settings
3. Click Create Page Rule
4. Enter your custom domain URL in the input box followed by a slash and wildcard. Example - yourdomain.com/*

Note: The wildcard * will pass all page names onto your Geo Links and is a requirement for the custom domain to work correctly.

5. Select Forwarding Rule as a setting
6. Select 302 as the status code
7. Enter your Unique DNS redirect URL followed by a slash and $1. 



Note: Unique DNS redirect URL is generated when you add a custom domain to Geo Targetly. The /$1 after the URL ensures any page paths are passed to the forwarding URL and is essential for the custom domain to work

8. Click Save and Deploy

9. Follow steps 3 to 7 to add another page rule if you want to map your custom domain with a www. For example if you want to map www.yourdomain.com you will need to create a new page rule with the URL as www.yourdomain.com/* and set the forwarding URL as previously.

Your page rules should look like below:

9 Exit the page rules settings
10. Click on DNS to manage the domains DNS records
11. Click + Add Record

12. Select A as the type
13. Enter @ for the name
14, Enter for the IP address
15. Click Save

Your DNS records should look like below:

Your custom domain should now be mapped to your Geo Links.

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