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Using Google domains DNS to map custom domains to Geo Links

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We recommend using Google Domains as a DNS provider for your custom domain. Not only do they provide a free domain SSL certificate, it is also easy to create DNS records.


1. Click on your domain to open up it's settings
2. Click on Website in the left menu
3. Click Set up forwarding

4. In the Forward from textbox, enter your domain or subdomain that you need to forward to our Geo Link service.

IMPORTANT: if your domain is already DNS mapped to an existing website, adding forwarding to your domain will affect the existing website. In such a case, you can apply forward to only a subdomain of your domain example: geo.yourdomain.com to map to our Geo Link service. This will ensure your existing website under the root domain yourdomain.com is unaffected.

5. In the Forward to textbox, enter your Unique DNS redirect URL provided in the custom domain setup. Example:


6. Open up the Advanced settings

7. Under Redirect Type, select Temporary (302) redirect

8. Under Path Forwarding, select Forward path

9. Under Forwarding Over SSL, select SSL On

10. Click Forward to save the forwarding settings

Your custom domain should now be mapped to your Geo Links.

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