Requests are calls to our server made from any of our services running on your website. 

One page view is equal to one request
Each page refresh/view will make a call to our server and will be counted as a
request. Your estimated requests usage will be the same as your analytics total page views.

Requests are not the number of visitors in your analytics
A single unique visitor can browse multiple pages of your site and hence can consume multiple requests as each page view will make a call to our server. 

Multiple services in a page will count as multiple requests
If you have multiple services running on a single page, they will count as multiple requests.

Restricting a service to run on a particular page
It is possible to restrict a service to only run on a particular page of your website using the options provided in the service setup. When this is done, requests will only be counted on the particular page.

Non-location targeted page views are still counted as requests
All calls to our server, whether they match a location rule or not will still be counted as as a request. This is because we have to use resources to determine visitor location and match your defined rules regardless if the visitor is redirected, or shown relevant content, popups, images, bars etc.

Bots and crawlers will not consume requests
Bots and crawlers in your site will not consume requests though they may still process our services. For example Google bot will process our installed scripts in your site and will make a request to our server. It is possible to exclude bots and crawlers from processing our services however this must be done with caution.

Read more about bots and crawlers here

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