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Disable the redirect using a query parameter in the URL

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You can disable the redirect using a particular query parameter in the URL.

For example: if you activate this feature and set the query parameter to 'redirect=disable', then if you access your website using this query website.com?redirect=disable, then the redirect will be disabled.

You can set any query parameter you wish. For example you can set the query parameter to 'disable=yes' and if you access your site with website.com?disable=yes, the redirect will not function.

This feature is useful for forcing the redirect to stop working so that you can access your site.

Browsing your site without getting redirected

Note that it will only disable the redirect upon first visit. If you use any internal navigation, you may get redirected because the query parameter will not be present in the URL once you navigate to another page.
โ€‹Use the 'Redirect visitors from external sources' option to allow you to continue browsing the site without getting redirected. This option redirects only upon first visit to the site. Hence if the redirect is disabled using the query parameter feature, then you can continue to browse the site.

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