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Google Ads / Adwords Destination Mismatch
Google Ads / Adwords Destination Mismatch

How to fix Google Ads / Adwords destination mismatch when using geo IP redirects

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One of Google Ads policies is to ensure the destination URL does not redirect a visitor to another URL. This is part of their drive to ensure visitors have the best experience.

If a visitor clicks on a Google Ad and lands on a website which then redirects to another website or page, it can result in your ad being disapproved due to a 'destination mismatch'

How to fix a 'destination mismatch' error?

Geo target your Google Ads

Geo target your Google Ads the same way you are Geo Redirecting visitors. Ensure you run separate Google Ads for each 'redirect URL'. 

For example if you are redirecting UK traffic to another URL, then run a separate ad for UK and ensure the ad is geo targeted to UK (Google Ads can be geo targeted) and the ad link goes direct to your UK website.

Also make sure that your original ad excludes anyone from UK.

Doing this will keep the visitor clicks seamless and they won't experience any redirects.

Manually ask for approval from Google

If you have geo targeted your Google Ads and it still gets disapproved, contact Google Ads support explaining your situation and they should be able to manually approve it.

Use our permission popups/announcement bars available in the Geo Redirect product.

If you are already using our Geo Redirect product, all you need to do is enable the 'Permission Popup' option to show a popup/announcement bar to the visitor rather than an automatic redirect.

This will remove any destination mismatch errors as there is no redirection in place.

We provide a number of popup and announcement bar templates which can be customized to suit your website. The popup and announcement bars also come with smart buttons that can redirect visitors to the same page of another site.

Other features include: (1) remembering the visitor's choice for future auto redirection and (2) automatic countdown timer with redirect

Disable the redirect for ads using our 'Redirect Disable' feature
An advanced setting is provided that can disable the redirect if a particular query string is found in the Google Ad URL.

For example, if your Google Ad link URL is, you can disable the redirect by adding the parameter 'google_ads' into our 'Redirect Disable' feature.

Read more about our Redirect Disable feature

Using this feature, you can disable redirection on any clicks via your ads as we will look for the 'google_ads' query in the URL and prevent the redirect from executing.

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