How custom domains work?

How do geo link custom domains work?

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Our custom domain feature allows you to use your own domain for Geo Links rather than our public .to and .ink domains.

You can use either a brand new domain or a domain that is already in use for another website.

Using a brand new domain

When you register a brand new domain you can create a DNS forwarding rule (also known as a redirect rule) to point to our server. 

We recommend using Cloudflare or Google Domains as a DNS service for your new domain as it is free, provides free SSLs (https) and is easy to create forwarding rules.

Google Domains DNS forwarding instructions

Using an existing domain already linked to a website

If you plan to use an existing domain, you can create a redirect rule for a particular page path of your website to point to your Geo Links. These redirect rules can be created in your website CMS.

Quick start guide

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