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How does auto renewal work?
How does auto renewal work?
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In order to prevent outages caused by your pageview quota being exhausted before the end of your billing term, auto renewal can be turned on.

You can do this via the Subscription module (accessible from the left sidebar once you are logged in), specifically by clicking on the ‘+ Change plan’ or ‘+ Select plan’ button.
If you are already subscribed to a plan, you can change this setting via the plan plan selection window.

You can also change this setting when purchasing a new plan (both for users with and without an active plan) in the checkout window.

When the auto renewal setting is turned on, we will automatically attempt a purchase of the same subscription plan you are currently on once your quota reaches zero. This will result in a change of your billing period based on when the plan is automatically purchased.

Let us know if you have any question about this!

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